Please note that text in red denotes my comments

My letter to RUC Fraud Squad Officer, D/Chief Inspector A. Thompson dated April 4th 1989.

D/Chief Inspector A. Thompson,
R.U.C. Fraud Squad,
BT4 3BQ.

Your Reference FS 163.

Dear Sir,

I acknowledge receipt of your correspondence dated 23rd March 1989.

I assume that D/Inspector Moss was directed by you to inform me that, as a consequence of Mr Herbert Wright's conviction of a criminal offence at Belfast Crown Court in 9th January 1989, police investigation has now been terminated.

The logic of the above statement eludes me. The charge against Mr. Wright was brought for the benefit of the Ryland Vehicle Group and was not preferred in the interest of my mentally handicapped brother, to whom the disputed property belonged.

Up to the present time no action has been taken on behalf of my brother although abundant evidence of fraud, forgery, misappropriation and malpractice was uncovered during the three and a half year in-depth investigation by the late D/Con M. Patterson of the illegal sales of my brother's home and his various town properties. I am in possession of the aforementioned evidence and so are the R.U.C. Fraud Squad. In the light of these circumstances I find it incomprehensible and illogical that you should state with such finality that police investigation has now been terminated.

Three aspects of this case are both alarming and disturbing and bear close scrutiny. First, who were the senior officers who instructed the late D/Con Patterson to leave our case aside, discontinue his investigations and inform me of their decision? Why did these senior officers embark on such an irregular course of action? I have requested the Independent Commission for Police Complaints to institute inquiries to establish the identity of these senior officers.

Second, the insensitive and indecent haste to lay the ghost of the late D/Con. Patterson, an honest, diligent, dedicated untainted and incorrupt officer, by your department must be recorded as a blot on civilised behaviour.

Lastly, persistent harassment, pernicious victimisation and continuous ostracisation, to name but a few, are some of the destructive and vicious incivilities suffered by the late D/Con Patterson in the pursuit of his duties and left him so exhausted mentally and physically that he had to take extended sick leave.

Your advice that the matter of the account of my mentally handicapped brother's estate should be referred to the Official Solicitor for the Supreme Court, must be considered an irrelevance in view of outstanding criminal aspects of the case still remaining for action by your department.

In like manner I cannot accept your advice concerning the complaints I raised about the actions of the ex-Official Solicitor, now Master in the Care and Protection Office, Mr Brian Hall, until the criminal features of his actions have been dealt with by your department. The 20% civil aspect of our case will be dealt with by us when the 80% criminal aspect of the case receives the appropriate attention of you department.

In view of the accusations implicit in the preceding paragraph I see every reason for a further meeting with officers from you department.

In conclusion I must add that the information contained in your correspondence is of no assistance to me.

Yours faithfully,

Eileen Wright.