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A letter from MENCAP to M. M. dated 8/5/1992.

Dear M. M.

Re: Freddie Andrews

Your letter dated 12th March 1992 addressed to Mind in Lodon has been forwarded to me by Ian Bynoe the Legal Director. I was in contact with Eileen Wright about Freddie Andrews affairs some years ago when I was legal officer at Mind and had discussions at that time with Mr Hall of the Northern Ireland Officer [The foregoing is retyped exactly as it was in the original letter] for care and protection.

I was unable to make any progress with the enquiries I made at the time and did suggest that Mrs Wright obtain help from a local lawyer or other person on the spot who could give time to investigate this very complex matter. I would be happy to talk to you further about this and I do think the issues relating to Mr Andrews are the concern of organisations like Mencap. It was my impression in the past that the affairs were extremely complicated and the time I was able to give to the investigation was not sufficient to deal with what is a very long standing and complex matter.
Perhaps we could discuss this further.

Yours sincerely

Lydia Sinclair
Director of Legal Services

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