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Mervyn Patterson's Report.

Page Three.
(I will add more of this Report as I get my hands on it.)

Sites 62 - 65 is the showroom. 66 - 69 and 1 - 11 Francis Street has been demolished.

Re: 14 Castlehill Road

Reports states the house was sold on 31.3.76 when in fact it was sold 14.11.75.
The completion date was 16.2.76 but Freddie was not credited with the balance until 4.4.77.

Instructions to sell were given by Tughan & Co., and also Gilpin. The patient gave no instructions.

The agreed price was 38,750.00. Per completion statement of Tughan & Co., Freddie only received 38,745.89. Where is the balance of 4.11?

Valuation and Report by Desmond McConnell, Martin & Co. Valued by them at 37,500.00, 1.8.75. Did Freddie request this property to be valued.

24,893.68 of the sale money was paid to the patient's mother and not to the patient, why?

If as suggested the 24,893.68 was paid towards settlement of a bridging loan where are details of the account recorded or referred to by the Official solicitor.

There is evidence that certain furnishings were sold by John Ross & Co., in February and March 1978, net proceeds 6,524.00 and Mrs Andrews sold a dining room suite for 1,000. There is no record of how these receipts were applied.

14/16 King Street / 12/14 Marquis Street

Ground Rents - 50 p.a.

There is a record that Mr Drennan held the title deeds on 15th December 1979. We have no record of the 50.00 rent having been received over the period since 1972 or any disposal of the asset.

3/5 Little King Street

Store - Garage

Sold 2.4.74 for 7,500 to Dobbin allegedly.

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