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A letter from solicitors Madden & Finucane to Crown Court 27/9/1995.

Dear Sirs,

Re: Freddie Andrews (junior)

We act on behalf of Mrs. Eileen Wright, the sister of the above named.

There has been considerable press speculation and public interest into the affairs of the above named. He suffers a mental handicap and his affairs were handled by Mr. Herbert Wright, Solicitor of Tughan & Company, Solicitors, Belfast.

Mr Herbert Wright was convicted of fraud at Belfast Crown Court in 1989.

The fraud related directly to the affairs of Mrs. Wright's brother.

Herbert Wright was convicted on a bill of indictment no: 357/88 and pleaded guilty to the charge.

Although we do not act for Mr. Herbert Wright, we think there is sufficient interest in the matter to request and obtain a copy of the trial papers relating to Herbert Wright.

Our client, Mrs. Wright has been given no information about the extent of the fraud or any detail relating to it whatsoever.

In our view trial papers are, at any rate, a public document and should be made available on request.

If for any reason, you refuse to furnish a set of trial papers in this matter, perhaps you would give detailed reasons.

Yours faithfully,