Please note that text in red denotes my comments

Solicitors Madden & Finucane wrote the following to me on 7/9/2000.

[This firm of solicitors waited for 5 years before they told me to go. Just like all the other firms of solicitors I had engaged over the years they appeared to be prepared, eventually, to back the Official Solicitors' Office instead of backing Freddie. Of course, backing Freddie would have meant going against the Official Solicitors' Office and that would have taken a lot of courage and determination.]

[There is no "Dear Mrs. Wright" to introduce this letter.]

Re: Estate of Freddie Andrews - Patient.
We refer to the above matter and to your telephone call of today's date. As stated at our last meeting we are no longer able to act for you in this matter and you should contact the Official Solicitor at the Royal Courts of Justice who will be able to assist you.

All of your papers are ready for collection at our offices at your convenience.

If you have any queries or difficulties please address them to a principal of this firm.

Yours faithfully
Madden & Finucane