Please note that text in red denotes my comments

I received this letter, dated 24/4/1987, from the Mental Health Commission.

Dear Mrs Wright

On 16 February 1987 you wrote to the Commission for advice as to how your brother's affairs could be removed from the jurisdiction of the Court and at the same time you complained about the secrecy in which you felt your brother's affairs were conducted by the court.

I must point out that your brother's affairs will continue to be under the control of the Court for as long as the Court is satisfied that he is incapable, by reason of mental disorder, of managing and administering his property and affairs. I am sure you will understand that any question about the removal of your brother's affairs from the control of the Court must be a matter for the Court. It is understood that between 24 October 1983 and 9 May 1986 there were 9 separate hearings before the Court at which you were represented by Counsel or by your Solicitor. There was also a hearing on 9 March 1987, of which you had notice, but did not attend nor were you processionally represented. This hearing related to the sale of the Smithfield/Francis Street properties. [This is not true.]

It is also understood that the matters you mentioned in your letter in relation to a member of the firm of Tughan & Co were referred to the RUC Fraud Squad and that the Official Solicitor passed all relevant information in his possession to the RUC and the Department of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The question of the repairs to the bathroom and kitchen has been taken up with the Official Solicitor and the photographs you sent to the Commission have been forwarded to her. I will write to you again on hearing from her.

I feel sure you will receive a sympathetic hearing from the Master of Care and Protection and the Official Solicitor in relation to your brother's affairs.

Yours sincerely

P G LYONS (Miss)

[We never got a hearing from any Official Solicitor. My social worker was aware that I went on holiday at this time after suffering a severe case of shingles. Roy Beggs MP and my sister went to the Hearing. My sister's solicitor did object.]