Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A letter from the Mental Health Commission to me dated 16/10/1992.

Dear Mrs Wright

The Secretary of the Commission has handed to me as Chairman your letter of 15 September and in view of the strong feelings which you express I have again read the file [What file?] and given earnest consideration to the whole matter.

While the delay in replying to your earlier letter is regretted I am still of the opinion that what Miss Kerr wrote in her letter to you of 28 July last is substantially correct.

From the information in the possession of the Commission, it appears that all property sales were approved by the Court [But definitely NOT by the family or the RUC Fraud Squad detective, the late DC Mervyn Patterson.] (albeit retrospectively in some cases). I believe that you were notified of all nine of the Court hearings [We were never at nine hearings.] which took place and that at many of those hearings you and you family were represented by Solicitors and Counsel. At the last hearing in May 1986, the Judge stated that any party who in the future might wish to raise some new point would be free to do so and to apply to the Court if so advised.

Also I am informed that the new Official Solicitor recently appointed, Mr Charles Redpath, has indicated his willingness to meet with you and other members of your family and your respective Solicitors to discuss the affairs of your brother, the patient. As the Controller of you brother's estate, Mr Redpath is the appropriate person to deal with all relevant questions and I strongly urge you to arrange to meet him. He could let you have full details of how your brother's monies are dealt with - I think you will find that there is far more capital than that required to produce an income of only 25 per week.
[Then why does Redpath not show us the accounts?]

I do not consider that the Mental Health Commission has any further part to play in the matter as it stands and if you are not satisfied with the information you receive from Mr Redpath, then I can only suggest that you consult a Solicitor with a view to applying to the Court to have the whole matter re-opened.

Yours sincerely


[All this information, whoever it comes from, is incorrect. Redpath will not answer relevant questions. We saw things had not improved by putting Freddie in the care of the Care and Protection Office and we were forced to contact the RUC Fraud Squad - it was as serious as that. Both the Police and the Official Solicitor have buried the findings of the Fraud Squad. Why?]