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A letter from MIND to me dated 6/7/1987.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

Thank you for your letter of 25th April and the 10 you enclosed towards the appeal fund of MIND. We are very grateful for the 10 and you can be sure we will put it to good use.

I am interested to know that there has been some disciplinary action against one of the solicitors in your case and I would like to know exactly what the reasons were for this action.

If you would like me to refer you to a firm of solicitors in London I would be happy to do so and I wonder whether you are at the stage of pursuing this case further, in particular to remove matters from the hands of the court.

I was contacted by someone from the Watchdog Programme to discuss your case generally but the person did not come and see me and I am not sure whether the programme is still pursuing the case.

Please get in touch if there is anything further I can do.

Yours sincerely,

Lydia Sinclair
Legal Officer.

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