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High Court Papers dated 12th day of June 1992 regarding my mother's will.

In the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland

Family Division
Probate and Matrimonial Office

BE IT KNOWN that Minetta ANDREWS of 4 Norwood Gardens Belfast

died on the 29th day of August 1987

domiciled in Northern Ireland and that the last Will duly executed by the deceased a copy of which signed by the Probate Officer is hereunto annexed.

That Charles Edward Moncrieff Gilpin the sole Executor survived the said Testator but has since died without having proved the said Will.

AND BE IT FURTHER KNOWN that on the date hereunder written Letters of Administration (with the said Will annexed) of all the estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the said deceased were granted by the aforesaid Court to

Betty Hamilton of Flat B Block 4 Clonaver Drive Belfast

AND IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED that it appears from information supplied on the application for this grant that the gross value of the estate in United Kingdom does not exceed 25,000.00 and that the net value of the estate does not exceed 25,000.00

Dated the 12th day of June 1992



Extracted by McAteer & Co


The following Will of my mother was attached to the above as a separate page.

Here is the actual copy of my mother's will.

This my mother's Will

This is proof of the shocking interference of Charles Gilpin and solicitor Herbert Wright. Neither of these men had any business or social connections with my father or his family. Gilpin 'hung around' my father who was not interested in his company. As is mentioned elsewhere, Gilpin persuaded my mother to hand over her affairs and Freddie's affairs to 'a great little solicitor', Herbert Wright, who was employed by solicitors Tughan & Co. Herbert Wright did Gilpin's bidding. My father left Freddie's affairs in the care of Boston & Sullivan and even my mother had no authority to put Freddie's affairs in the hands of another solicitor.

Immediately after the death of my father, these two men took it upon themselves to invade our family privacy without the knowledge of other members of our family who lived elsewhere. They made sure no other member of our family knew what was going on because we would not have allowed it to happen. As you can see from the date on my mother's Will, they succeeded in taking my mother's estate within nine months of my father's death. Probably on account of their success in this matter, they then felt confident to take another step in their selfish designs by illegally disposing of the house my mother actually lived in with my mentally-handicapped brother, Freddie.