Please note that text in red denotes my comments

I sent this letter to the Official Solicitor dated 8/9/1991.

Dear Mr McRandal,

Thank you very much for your letter of the 5th inst. and I appreciate your words of condolence.

You state in your letter that the firms engaged by your office "repaired and replaced" the windows. What windows were replaced and repaired? What were the fees charged for "surveying" this work? Could I please have a copy invoice? Why did the firm engaged state that the windows were "replaced and repaired" if they had no defects?

Owen Brothers and Ferris Craig and Moore, Quantity Surveyors used contract workers. They were continually moved from Freddie's home to other sites without notice, for instance to the h housing estate for the Housing Executive, on the Belmont Road for wall maintenance. We were left freezing for seven weeks because the boiler in the garage had been disconnected.

It took seven weeks to build a garage! The drains were dug up and then had to be closed again because of an error of judgement, again at my brother's expense. A cement mixer had to be hired, it broke and the men had to stand by and wait for a replacement, again time and money wasted. A skip was left full to overflowing at the side entrance again no one was concerned. I complained to get it removed. According to the plans the boiler was to be sited in the garage in the same place as the old boiler but that did not materialise so the excavation of the floor of the garage had to be closed with the disastrous results that we now have a permanent pool, at the back door every time it rains.

The door of the garage was about 6 inches short and now we are left with a big ramp at the entrance. The new door put on the old garage that was falling down at the time is now lying at the top of the garage. The workmen were anxious to take it away but I told them it belonged to my brother, not me. So does Freddie get any compensation for this further error of judgement?

I did write to Deirdre Bowers, copy letter enclosed, and complained and I am surprised you were unable to find this letter in Freddie's file. Deirdre Bowers refused to allow us to convene a meeting in her office to discuss my brother's affairs.
All I received was threatening and intimidating mail. You will notice from copy letters enclosed that I was considered "dangerous" by Deirdre Bowers. These libelous remarks appear to be acceptable to your office.

I got two quotes before installing the windows and also took advice from neighbours and friends who have already had their windows replaced in this area. The firm I engaged are experts and their work carries a 10 year guarantee. It took only one and a half days to do the work in an orderly and clean fashion. The plastic windows not only conserve heat but does away with having to paint the windows which means a good saving to Freddie. The windows add greatly to the value of his home, they also enhance the appearance. The windows after being painted when the work was done are now devoid of paint. The wood is bare.

This house is the only asset my brother was allowed to retain after his entire estate was plundered and his affairs grossly mismanaged. It would be wanton abuse of Freddie's money if a surveyor was paid to oversee work already carried out by experts and paid for by me.

Freddie's home 14 Castlehill Road was kept in mint condition at all times, we were never used to living in a house that was neglected. I am ashamed of the state of the kitchen. This end of the house was tackled by men also engaged by Deirdre Bowers who didn't appear to understand that cheap kit form cupboards do not help to maintain this house. Proper kitchen experts should have been engaged to draw up plans before throwing cupboards in at random. I can send you pictures of the kitchen quarters if you are interested. Carpets were supposed to be replaced over two years ago and decorating done but again nothing was done.

Mental patients once put in care, appear to have no rights whatsoever and treated as second class citizens. As a carer and guardian for over ten years, I am delegated to the position as servant with no human rights and no standing.

It should always be noted that replacement of windows and kitchens should always be left to specialists in this type of work.

I await an early reply,

Eileen Wright.