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[The writer of this article, Robert Lennon, was the first journalist I spoke to. He introduced me to RUC Fraud Squad Officer Det. Con. Mervyn Patterson! Otherwise this case would probably never have seen the light of day.]

An article by journalist Robert Lennon in a local newspaper in 1987 under the banner headline:


Police are about to swoop over a fraud scandal in which a metally handicapped man was allegedly swindled out of 1,500,000

Ulster MP Roy Beggs is demanding that Mrs Thatcher order a public inquiry into how 58-year-old Freddie Andrews - who has a mental age of eight - lost his inheritance while in Care of the Court.

The scandal of the near-bankruptcy of one of Ireland's richest families involves a dead multi-millionaire.

An RUC assistant Chief Constable confirmed last week that "criminal charges will soon be preferred in this case" and a painstaking three-year long investigation by the Fraud Squad will be stepped up.

Mr Andrews is the son of one of Ulster's wealthiest garage and property owners who died 15 years ago. In his will the businessman left Freddie a magnificent mansion in Belfast's elite Belmont district, a top city car agency and dozens of prime city centre business properties.

All that wealth has now vanished.

Freddie is now reduced to living with his 90-year-old senile mother and his devoted sister Eileen Wright, 62, and her husband in what one Fraud Squad officer described as a slum.


Now Mr beggs claims that the multi-millionaire, born-again Christian Charles Gilpin was "a wolf parading in Christian respectability."
Belfast tycoon Mr Gilpin, 82, a former family friend who handled Freddie's affairs after his father's death, died 18 months ago.
Freddie was put into the Care of the Court at the request of the family in January 1979 but according to East Antrim MP Mr Beggs "his possessions continued to disappear.
"For eight years the Office of Care and Protection has failed to protect the interests of Freddie Andrews," he said.
The alleged swindling of the Andrews fortune even involved the Government controlled Northern Ireland Housing Executive which for three years unknowingly paid rent to a property company for premises in the heart of Belfast which still belong to the Andrews family.
Mrs Wright said: "My poor brother never received a single penny from the Housing Executive for the use of his properties."
Ironically the Fraud Squad officer whose painstaking investigation led to what MP Roy Beggs now calls "the opening of a can of worms" was found shot dead last year in mysterious circumstances.

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