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From N.I. Court Service to Madden & Finucane dated 27/10/1995.

Dear Sirs,


I refer to your letter of 27 September requesting copy of the depositions in the case of Hubert (should have read 'Herbert') Wright Bill No 357/88.

I would advise you that it is the policy of this office not to provide copies of depositions to third parties. Depositions may contain nemes and addresses of witnesses who would not wish such details to be disclosed to third parties.

In addition, evidence given in Court at a trial may differ from the information contained in a deposition, and therefore it is preferable that the transcript of what a witness said in Court is obtained. If you wish to obtain a transcript of the Court proceedings you should apply to the Appeals and Lists Office, Royal Courts of Justice, Chichester Street, Belfast.

If there is a special and particular reason why you wish to obtain the deposition of a specific witness as opposed to obtaining the transcripts of that witness's evidence in Court, perhaps you would inform me of the name of the witness and the reason and I will give careful consideration as to whether an exception should be made to the policy which I have explained above.

Yours faithfully

A Boyd
Deputy Chief Clerk

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