Please note that text in red denotes my comments

I received the following letter from:

The Northern Ireland Court Service
Windsor House
9-15 Bedford Street
Belfast BT2 7LT
21 May 1987.

Dear Mrs Wright,


Following my recent appointment as Director of the Northern Ireland Court Service in succession to Mr John M Steele I have become aware of the case of your brother, Mr Frederick Andrews junior, about which you have been expressing frequent criticisms over a number of years. Your letter dated 27 April 1987 addressed to the Minister for Law and Order at Stormont Castle, Belfast has been passed to me for reply as the case is one which is known to involve the work of the Official Solicitor to the Supreme Court for which the Lord Chancellor has Ministerial responsibility.

I have recently sent a further reply, on behalf of the Lord Chancellor, to Mr John R Beggs MP in response to correspondence which he addressed to the Prime Minister on the same subject.

Before writing in response to your latest letter of 27 April I have studied the details of the investigations undertaken in this case by former Official Solicitors, Mr Drennan and, in particular, Mr Hall whose comprehensive reports were considered at a series of hearings before the judge at all of which you were professionally represented. I have discussed the case with the present Official Solicitor, Mrs Deirdre S Bowers.

I find that notwithstanding the many opportunities given by the court to you and to your several solicitors and counsel to produce documents or other evidence of matters which, you suggest, require further consideration you have never made any formal submission to the court based upon verifiable evidence. I am all the more concerned, therefore, to find that within the past 3 months you have seen fit to communicate a series of unsubstantiated complaints about the Patient's affairs to a number of outside agencies without any reference to the Official Solicitor or to the court in the first instance. Apart from inaccurate reports which have been inspired in the local Press, my attention has been drawn to the correspondence addressed by Mr Beggs MP to the Prime Minister, a complaint to the Mental Health Commission for Northern Ireland and an approach about the case which was made to the BBC television programme "Watchdog". You will appreciate, of course, that all such complaints must inevitably be referred to this office and ultimately to the Official Solicitor and the court if appropriate.

I wish to place on record that at the final review hearing before Mr Justice MacDermott, at which you were present with your solicitor (then Mr Michael J Fearon), on Friday 9 May 1986 the judge directed that the Official Solicitor should not pursue any further enquiries into the matters covered by Mr Hall's reports dated 30 January 1984 and 2 December 1985 unless some new or additional evidence became available. To date, I am informed, no such evidence has been furnished to Mrs Bowers. The judge also indicated that any party to the proceedings would have liberty to apply to the court if so advised.

It is my intention to communicate the substance of the preceding paragraph to anyone from whom I receive further enquiries based upon your speculative or inaccurate assertions.

Yours sincerely,

E A Simpson