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A letter from the Northern Ireland Court Service to Solicitors Madden & Finucane dated 13/3/1997.

Dear Sirs


If the meeting you refer to on 14 February 1997 with Mr Andrews refers to a visit by the authorised representative of the Official Solicitor the purpose of that meeting is to ascertain whether there is anything that Mr Andrews or Mrs Wright require and to allow feedback to the Court from Mrs Wright.

It would not be the normal practice of the Court to circulate the authorised representative's report but I would be quite happy to show it to a representative of your practice if they wish to call with the Official Soicitor at a suitable time.

In relation to the application for gifts from Mr andrews estate there is a serious staffing problem at present in the Official Solicitor's Office caused by the absence of Master Hall on leave and by the necessity of my having to act in Master Hall's absence.

Clearly I cannot prepare an application for a gift which application would in fact have to be adjudicated upon by myself.

Mrs Johnston at present is very heavily burdened and is not in a position to process Statutory Will and gift applications.

It is open to any member of Mr Andrews family to make an application and if Mrs Wright were to indicate to you what her own preferred course of action would be in relation to the gifts that she would like to see made I would be more than happy to discuss it with the representative of your firm and to provide him or her with the necessary precendents etc.

Yours faithfully,


Deputy Master