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These notes seem to have been made out by an Official Solicitor.

IN THE MATTER OF FREDERICK ANDREWS - 1958 [should read '1978'] No 516

Property and income to which the patient was entitled on 14 July 1972.

1. House at 14 Castlehill Road, Belfast.

2. Ground rent of 50 per annum issuing out of premises 14-16 King Street and 12-14 Marquis Street, Belfast.

3. Premises at 5-21 Winetavern Street, Belfast yielding an annual rent of 556.52.

4. Premises at 47 Smithfield Square, Belfast yielding an annual rent of 40.

5. Premises at 68-69 Smithfield Square, Belffast yielding an annual rent of 1,500.[this should read '61-65 Smithfield Square']

6. Annuity of 75 per annum payable out of premises at 47a Smithfield Square, Belfast.

7. Premises at 7 [this should read '1, 3, 5, 9 and 11'] Francis Street and 3-5 Little King Street, Belfast.

8. Salary of 500 per annum paid by Andrews & Co (Belfast) Limited.

9. Accounts with the Northern Bank Limited, Ballyhackamore:

10. Furniture, pictures and other contents of 14 Castlehill Road, Belfast.

Dealings with property subsequent to 14 July 1972

11. 38,750 - proceeds of sale of 1. above of which 23,500 was applied to the purchase of 4 Norwood Gardens, Belfast and further sums in the purchase of furniture, carpets etc.

12. The ground rent at 2. above is still payable to the patient and all rental payments due since 1972 have to be accounted for.

13. The premises described at 3., 4., 5., and 6. above were sold and a sum of 50.000 representing the net proceeds of sale was invested on behalf of the patient with the Northern Ireland Industrial Bank.

14. A sum of 5,000 was placed on a fixed term deposit with Investment Bank of Ireland Limited on 25 September 1974 and withdrawn on 4 August 1975.

15. A sum of 5,981 was received from the Northern Ireland Office as compensation for criminal damage caused to premises at 7. above.

16. The premises described at 7. above were sold in 1974 for 7,500.

17. Items of furniture etc described at 10. above were sold at public auction and a sum of 6,524.02 realised. A dining room suite was also sold for approximately 1,000.

18. The proceeds of the investment described at 14. above, amounting to 5,429.75 were paid over to Messrs Tughan & Co, Solicitors.

19. Moneys received on behalf of the patient by Mrs Minetta Andrews were advanced by her to Mrs Betty Hamilton.

20. Mrs Hamilton acknowledged that a sum of 20,000 was due by her to the patient and executed a Deed of Charge in favour of the patient's Committee to secure the repayment of that sum with interest at 9% per annum. A sum of 21,454.79 representing the capital sum secured plus interest was received by the Committee on 28 April 1981.

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