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Notes on Official Solicitor Drennan's First Report.

Official Solicitor Drennan's First Report to the High Court was was ordered by the Lord Chief Justice on 11th January 1979 and presented to the High Court by Drennan on 15th December 1979.
My one and only interview in Drennan's Office was taken over by the Clerk, H. Doherty. I understood at the time that I was talking to a solicitor. It was a short intimidating meeting. Mr Drennan preferred to remain silent and sat with his head in his hands.
Mr H. Wright, solicitor, had advised Drennan that he sold Freddie's home 14 Castlehill Road for 38,750 in March 1976 to Mr. G. Jemphrey, solicitor, of Messrs Johns, Elliot, Wallace & Co. There is no mention of the valuers of this property or who witnessed Freddie's signature.
Premises 14/16 King St, 12/14 Marquis St - Title Deeds were held by Drennan.
Drennan was advised by solicitor Herbert Wright, and employee of solicitors Tughan & Co, that the above properties, also 47 Smithfield, 7 Francis St and 3/5 Little King St, were sold for 50,000. To whom were these properties sold? The net proceeds were invested with the Northern Ireland Industrial Bank in Bangor, Co. Down. In whose names was this money lodged? Official Solicitor Drennan has not stated in his report that this money which belonged to my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie Andrews, was lodged in the names of Charles Gilpin and solicitor Herbert Wright! What was the reason for this shocking omission?

Official Solicitor Drennan stated that he also held the title deeds to 5 to 21 Winetavern St. What happened to this property, when was it sold and into whose bank account was the money lodged?
Official Solicitor Drennan never mentioned the showroom in Smithfield in his Report to the High Court. Who bought this property, what money was received for it and into whose bank account was the money lodged?
68/69 Smithfield was the site of Conlon's Pub and not 60/65 which was the showroom. It is perjury to misrepresent the siting of the showroom in this way.

1. How is it that the first Official Solicitor, the late Mr. John G. Drennan, permitted those known to have disposed of parts of my mentally-handicapped brother's estate to outside interested parties such as solicitor Mr. Jemphrey and Neville Johnston, through Estate Agents?

2. Why is it that the RUC fraud Officer the late Det. M. Patterson, during his indepth investigation, came upon accounts in the name of John G Drennan, in the Industrial Bank in Bangor in 1977 and factual evidence of all sales of Freddie's properties by Herbert Wright and Charles Gilpin through accountants Jackason Andrews who were the original accountants for Freddie Andrews and his father?

3. Why did Mr Drennan send his clerk Mr. H. Doherty to close Freddie's home, inform the police and put Freddie in a home? How was Mr. H. Doherty able to gain entrance to Freddie's home without the occupants' permission and why did Mr. Drennan give these instructions?

4. Why did Mr. Hall set up closed Courts before the investigating officer had completed his investigations on the entire case? According to a letter from the Police Authority Mr Hall was able to stop this crimial investigation.

5. Why was a solicitor's clerk permitted to chair the one and only meeting in Mr. Drennan's office? It is untrue of Mr. Drennan to state that there were numerous meetings. He does seem to have visited my elderly mother along with H. Doherty and even solicitor Herbert Wright, but no member of the family were present to support my elderly mother and mentally-handicapped brother.

6. How was Mr. Dowling of Central Merchants able to buy a piece of Freddie's ground from Neville Johnston to park his lorries and then sell it, in the knowledge that it was to be vested by the D.O.E. It was then handed over and sold to Messrs Laing & Co.

7. How is it that proper accounts have never been produced since the death of Frederick Andrews Sen by the then acting accountants of the estate of Freddie Andrews Jnr. nor have the transfer certificates of these properties with income tax accounts for capital transfer tax never ever been accounted for?

8. How did 35,000 come about to be used as a tender by Tughan & Co and recovered by them with gross interest ten years later?

9. Why were those caring for Freddie not permitted to discuss alterations or allowed to see tenders on work to be done on 4 Norwood Gdns., instructions were given to contractors engaged by the Official Solicitor, not to make any contact with or take any instructions from, those looking after Freddie and why did no site meeting take place?

10. Surely, nobody other than the Fraud Squad would be capable of exposing the criminal activities of all the persons involved in the plunder of Freddie Andrews' entire estate, especially when no Bank accounts have been produced by the Official Solicitor or the Courts, yet the Official Solicitors, one after another, actively prevented the Fraud Squad findings to be presented to the High Court.

11. Messrs. Tughan & Co's employee, Herbert Wright, disposed of all of Freddie's estate? Why did the RUC refuse to act to protect Freddie?

12. What was the point of putting Freddie into Care when outside interference in Freddie's affairs was ignored by the Official Solicitors?

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