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The following letter was sent by the secretary of the Official Solicitor to Messrs Norman Shannon & Co, Solicitors, 40 Donegall Street, Belfast, on June 8th 1988.

Dear Mr Shannon

Your client: Mrs Eileen Wright

I write on behalf of the Official Solicitor, Mrs Bowers, in regard to a number of points which will arise during the review meeting to be held in the Master's room on the afternoon of Friday 24 June next.

1. Mrs Wright's letter dated 29 May

The Master has already mentioned to you that your client has written to the Lord Chief Justice's Legal Secretary, Mr R T Millar, complaining of delay in the arrangement of the forthcoming meeting - and suggesting, incorrectly, that it demonstrates an intention on the part of the Master and Mrs Bowers to avoid the questions which have been raised by members of the family. I enclose for your reference copies of Mrs Wright's letter and enclosures and of Mr Millar's reply dated 6 June.

2. Large piece of ground at Smithfield.

In earlier correspondence Mrs Wright has made frequent reference to her belief that the Patient owns a large piece of ground at Smithfield - other than the 2 properties which were recently sold, with the approval of the Court, to Messrs Laing. In a letter dated 15 April addressed to you were invited to obtain your client's specific instructions in regard to the precise location of the property to which she refers and you were asked to obtain any further information regarding the Patient's interest in it which she may have to offer.
The official solicitor will be in touch with Mr Alan Reilly (of Messrs Carson & McDowell) acting on behalf of the developers who have, it is believed, acquired all the properties within the Smithfield area and it is essential, therefore, that Mrs Wright's response to this enquiry is given in good time before the proposed meeting so that Mr Reilly's views and comments may be sought before that date.
It is suggested that you should, please, communicate direct with the Master to let him have details of your client's response on this point early in the week commencing Monday 20 June.

3. Property at 4 Norwood Gardens

I enclose for your reference a copy of the Assignment dated 24 November 1975 whereby the Patient acquired his title to the dwelling house at 4 Norwood Gardens.

4. Sale of properties at Smithfield/Francis Street.

Mr Reilly (of Messrs Carson & McDowell) has agreed to provide for your reference a copy of the original deed.

5. Additional questions relating to the Patient's affairs.

The Master has indicated to you that if your client should wish to raise any additional questions relating to the Patient's affairs, other than those already set out in the 2 typewritten pages enclosed with earlier correspondence (of which you have received a copy) it is essential that notice of such questions be given to the Master and to the Official Solicitor in writing in good time before the proposed meeting. It is not intended that "last minute questions" will be considered at the meeting. On the other hand, it is intended that the meeting should produce comprehensive answers to all relevant questions so that it will not be necessary to repeat the exercise or to postpone consideration of any feature of it.

Yours sincerely

Miss S Marshall
Personal Secretary

PS. Since preparing this letter I have received the copy Conveyance & Assignment from Messrs Carson & McDowell which I now enclose for your reference.