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A letter from Official Solicitor Donnelly to me dated 3/12/1998.

Dear Mrs Wright

Winetavern Street

I write in relation to the above and further to Charles Redpath's letter of 2 September 1998 a copy of which I enclose for ease of reference.

Mr Redpath had indicated that he was going to ask a commercial valuer to provide him with a historic valuation of Winetavern Street as at the date of the sale to Mr Kavanagh.
Enquiries revealed that Mr Alastair McQuoid would be the appropriate person to carry out such a valuation and in the event I requested Mr McQuoid to carry out the valuation.

I am now enclosing a copy of Mr McQuoid's comprehensive report. You will see from the penultimate paragraph of the report that Mr McQuoid is of the opinion that:

    "17,000 was not an unreasonable sum for the purchase of the said properties.
    In fact my calculations would suggest it to be a very full and reasonable offer which any landlord would have found acceptable."

I appreciate that this report may in one way be disappointing, however, on the other hand I think it is preferable and reassuring to learn that the land does not appear to have been disposed of at an under value.

I trust you find the above and the enclosed helpful.


Official Solicitor

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