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A letter from Official Solicitor Drennan to Mr. Justice MacDermott dated 15/12/1979.

The Honourable Mr Justice MacDermott,
Royal Courts of Justice,

My Lord,

1978 No. 516
In the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland,
Family Division
Office of Care and Protection
In the matter of
Frederick Andrews

Pursuant to Order of the Lord Chief Justice dated 11th January 1979 made in the matter of Frederick Andrews in the title hereof named whereby:

    1. (a) The said Frederick Andrews was declared to be a person of unsound mind and incapable of managing his person or property;

    1. (b) I was apointed Commitee of his person and estate;

    2. I was directed, at paragraph 3 thereof, to speed an inquiry as to:

    2. (a) the future residence and care of the said Frederick Andrews ("the patient") and the amount to be allowed in respect of his maintenance;

    2. (b) the property and income to which the patient was entitled at 14th July 1972;

    2. (c) any dealings in relation to such property subsequent in date to the said 14th July 1972, and the application of the same;

    2. (d) the property and income to which the patient is at present entitled.

    I SUBMIT the following Report for your Lordship's consideration and for such further directions as to your Lordship may seem meet.

    Dated 15th day of December, 1979.

    John G. Drennan.