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A letter from Official Solicitor Drennan to me dated 14/10/80.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

Frederick Andrews

Your letter of Saturday, 11th October, addressed to Mr. Doherty was received by me to-day, 14th October.

I cannot under any circumstances accept that Mrs. Hamilton signed the Charge on her lands under duress. What happened in the house between herself and Mr. Bertie Wright I cannot say, as Mrs. Hamilton refused to let Mr. Doherty into the house.

I cannot accept either that you have persistently asked for an interview for yourself, Billy, Vera or Betty. As you are aware I have spoken to you personally on several occasions [This is absolute nonsense. I had one interview with Mr. Drennan in his office in the presence of his clerk Mr. Doherty whom I thought at the time was a solicitor. Mr. Drennan never spoke and seemed to just sit with his head in his hands. Any conversation was between Mr. Doherty and me.] and no indication was ever made that you wished to speak to me or Mr. Doherty.[What utter rubbish.]

I understand from Mr. Doherty that you have spoken to him on numerous occasions [The occasions I spoke to Mr. Doherty were not numerous.]in this office and at his home and no indication was ever made that you wanted a personal interview. However, if you do wish this, I shall be glad to facilitate you if you telephone either myself or Mr. Doherty and arrange an appointment. [What was the point of making an appointment if Mr. Drennan refused to speak to me.]

Any information you have given to either myself or Mr. Doherty has been carefully noted and will be dealt with as soon as I have heard from Counsel and receive instructions from the Court. .[Again, this is utter rubbish.]

Yours faithfully,

John G. Drennan.