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A letter from the Official Solicitor Drennan to my sister Vera Douglas dated 27/1/1980.

Dear Mrs. Douglas,

Federick Andrews

I am in receipt of your letter of 24th January which I received on 26th January in which you advised me that you would not attend a meeting in my office this morning.

I understand that it is possible that your mother, Mrs. Minetta Andrews, may wish to return to the house and if this should be the case I must have an immediate discussion with you, your sisters and brother as to what arrangements are to be made to care for your mother. You will appreciate that I am responsible for your brother's welfare and I must know what you intend to do. I, therefore, request that you attend at my office on Thursday morning, 19th January, at 11.30 a.m.

Yours faithfully,

John G. Drennan.

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