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Report of the First Official Solicitor dated 15/12/1979.


as to the result of an enquiry into the affairs of Frederick Andrews, a patient, as directed by Order of the Lord Chief Justice dated 11th January 1979.

1. By Order dated 11th January 1979 I was appointed Committee of both the person and the estate of Frederick Andrews (hereinafter called "the patient") and by paragraph 3 of the said Order I was directed to make an enquiry into the various matters therein specified.

The result of my enquiry is as follows:-

As to 3 (a) The future residence and care of the patient and the amount to be allowed in respect of his maintenance:
In my opinion the patient should continue to reside with his mother, Mrs. Minetta Andrews, at 4 Norwood Gardens, Belfast. [This is totally wrong. My father left "Tara House" to my mother during her lifetime and to my brother Freddie for his lifetime and this Official Solicitor should have had it returned to Freddie and my mother.] I have made arrangements for Mrs. Minetta Andrews to be assisted by a retired Nurse in the care and supervision of the patient. This includes taking the patient out for car outings, meals etc. I have negotiated with Mrs. McClelland (the retired Nurse) a salary of 45.00 per week and motoring expenses of 25.00 per week.
3 (b) The property and income to which the patient was entitled on 14th July 1972 on the death of his father Frederick Andrews.
A. House and premises No. 14 Castlehill Road, Belfast, in which the patient resided with his mother, Mrs. Minetta Andrews. The furniture and effects in the house were also the property of the patient having been given to him by his father. [This is totally untrue. It is stated here in my father's Will, my father left his personal effects to my mother, Minetta Andrews. Mr. C. Gilpin had a copy of my father's Will before even my older brother Billy had access to it. Gilpin started the process of dispossessing Freddie and my mother of their property and the RUC and Official Solicitors protected this criminal situation every way they could. The RUC and Official Solicitors had a duty to be informed about the contents of my father's Will and must have known what it contained.]

Tughan & Co. who acts for Mrs. Minetta Andrews, that the premises at 14 Castlehill Road, Belfast, were sold on 31st March 1976 to Mr. G.P.Jemphrey of Messrs. Johns, Elliot, Wallace & Co., Solicitors, and that part of the proceeds of sale were used to purchase the house and premises 4 Norwood Gardens, Belfast, in the name of the patient. (See attached copy statements furnished by Messrs. Tughan & Co.). These premises are held under Lease dated 1st March 1939 for a term of 420 years from 1st March 1939 subject to the yearly rent of 14.00 thereby reserved and were purchased at the price of 23,500.00. I hold the title deeds. I am advised by Mr. Wright that the premises No. 14 Castlehill Road were sold for 38,750.00 and that part of the balance of the proceeds sale, after the purchase of 4 Norwood Gardens were used for the purchase of carpets and other fittings for the house.
B. Premises 14/16 King Street and 12/14 Marcus Street, Belfast, yielding an annual rent of 50. I hold the title deeds.
Premises at 47 Smithfield Square, Show Room premises 68/69 Smithfield Square, premises 7 Francis Street and 3/5 Little King Street. I am advised by Mr. Wright that all these premises were sold and a sum of 50,000 representing the net proceeds sale were invested with Northern Ireland Industrial Bank, 32 Central Avenue, Bangor, Co.Down. [This is an incredible statement coming from an Official Solicitor appointed to protect the estate of an intellectually disabled man. Drennan was at this time, December 15th 1979, under the direction of the Supreme Court. He had been put in absolute charge and control of Freddie's property and money. Why is there absolutely NO MENTION in this Report to the High Court of Freddie's most valuable property, the car showroom at Smithfield. Was this because at the very time Official Solicitor Drennan was making out this 'Report', December 15th 1979, Official Solicitor Drennan was actually allowing the deeds of Freddie's Smithfield property, which were in the care of the Office of the Official Solicitor, to be used by solicitors Tughan & Co employee Herbert Wright, to criminally sell off Freddie's most valuable property, the car showroom property at Smithfield, to the Ryland Vehicle Group in England for 375,000! On September 28th 1988, nearly eight years later, the Belfast County Court heard that, quote, "Herbert Wright, between the 1st day of August 1979 and the 31st day of January 1980, in the County Court Division of Belfast, dishonestly obtained from Ryland Vehicle Group Limited 375,000 with the intention of permanently depriving the said Ryland Vehicle Group Limited thereof by deception, namely by falsely representing Neville Johnston (Garages) Limited had a good and marketable title to premises known as 60/65 Smithfield Square, Belfast". Wright was convicted. Drennan states that, quote, "I am advised by Mr. Wright that all these premises were sold and a sum of 50,000 representing the net proceeds sale were invested with Northern Ireland Industrial Bank, 32 Central Avenue, Bangor, Co.Down". Official Solicitor Drennan knew that this was just not true. So instead of 50,000 being paid into the NIIB in Bangor for four of Freddie's properties, Judge O'Donnell questioned why 375,000 was paid into the account of 'top' solicitors Tughan & Co for JUST ONE OF THOSE PROPERTIES! Either way, Freddie was the loser. As can be seen here in Brian Hall's Report to the High Court Judge MacDermott, quote,'I have confirmed with the Northern Ireland Industrial Bank Limited that an account was opened with them early in October 1977 under the title "Mr Charles Gilpin and Mr Bertie Wright as trustees for Mr Fred Andrews"', so Freddie would not have been getting THAT 50,000 anyway, nor would he have got the 375,000 paid into the account of Tughan & Co.] The interest which was paid monthly was paid direct to Mrs. Minetta Andrews until the date of my appointment as Committee. I have since withdrawn the monies in the Northern Ireland Industrial Bank [So there were more monies!] and lodged them in the Allied Irish Investment Bank as of August 1979. This last sentence is very difficult to make out from the photocopied sheet, but what I have typed in here is substantially correct.
Ground Rent of 50.00 per annum issuing out of premises known as 14 and 16 King Street and 12 and 14 Marquis Street, Belfast, and created by Lease dated 23/1/64 made between Frederick Andrews of the one part and Hugh Marshall & Co. Ltd. of the other part for a term of 10,000 years from 1/12/63.
C. Premises at 5/21 Winetavern Street Belfast yielding an annual rent of 556.52.
D. Premises at 47 Smithfield Square Belfast yielding an annual rent of 40.00.
E. Showroom premises of Andrews & Co.Ltd., 68/69 Smithfield Square, [This address should read 62/65 Smithfield Square. Ah, now we know why Freddie's showroom property, his real showroom property at 62/65 Smithfield, was not mentioned. Drennan knew that it was being sold to the Ryland Vehicle Group at this time and was knowingly providing the deeds which belonged to Freddie to make that sale. What a gang.] Belfast yielding an annual rent of 1,500.00. [Yes, this was the annual rent which should have been paid to Freddie for the rent of the car showroom, which at the time of this report to the High Court by John Drennan was in the process of being fraudulently sold to the Ryland Vehicle Group by Charles Gilpin and Tughan & Co.]
F. Out of the premises 47A Smithfield Square the patient was entitled to an annuity of 75.00 per annum payable by William Andrews. See copy letter dated 16th January 1979 from Ulster Bank Trust Company. This annuity was lodged in Halifax Building Society and funds withdrawn by Mrs. Minetta Andrews.
G. 7 Francis Street and 3/5 Little King Street, Belfast.
(Vacant. No rent). These premises were sold for 7,500.00. See statement dated 23rd April 1974 from Tughan & Co. To whom were these premises sold?
H. Patient received a salary of 500 per annum from Andrews and Co. Ltd.
I. Bank Accounts:

    Northern Bank Ltd., Ballyhackamore.
    Book Deposit Account 11,000.00
    Current Account 994.92.

3. (c) and (d). Any dealings in relation to such property subsequent in date to 14th July 1972 and application of same.
I am advised by Mr. Wright, solicitor of Messrs. Tughan & Co The following few lines are not legible in the photocopied page.
Apparently the patient's salary of 500 per annum ceased shortly after his father's death.
H. [I cannot understand why this paragraph and the following paragraph are designated H and I when two previous paragraphs have been so designated]
It would appear that from information supplied by Mr. Wright that a further sum of 5,000 was placed on a fixed term deposit with Investment Bank of Ireland Limited on 25th September 1974 by the withdrawal of 5,429.75 being deposit and cumulative interest which was paid to Tughan & Co. What happened to the other 429.75?
I. From my enquiries I am also informed that a sum of 6,100.11 being compensation of 5,981 plus fees was paid by the Northern Ireland Office to Messrs Tughan & Co. in respect of malicious damage claim to premises at Little King Street, Belfast.
J. From my enquiries, Mrs. Andrews disposed of various items of furniture by way of public auction at John Ross & Co.'s Showrooms. Please see attached sales statements. The total monies received amounted to 6,524.02. [According to the sales documents the total was 6,520.02]
These monies were paid direct to Mrs. Andrews and credited to her Bank Account. Mrs. Andrews confirmed to me in the presence of her Solicitor, Mr. Wright, that from the net proceeds sale she paid to Mrs. Hamilton, her daughter, the sum of 5,000.00
K. Mrs. Andrews also confirmed that she sold a Dining Room Suite for approximately 1,000, the property of the patient.[This is completely untrue. As the reader can see from my father's Will, my father left his personal effects to my mother, and furniture would have been considered personal effects in this case. In addition to this, my mother was forced out of Tara House and into a much smaller house and was therefore forced to sell furniture which the smaller house would not hold. Had Drennan done his job and had my mother and Freddie reinstated in their own home in Tara House, there would have been no need to sell anything. As regards the items at "J", my father, in these new circumstances, would have been very happy for my mother to act as she did with other items of furniture and cash resulting from its sale. The birds of prey just could not 'stomach' the transfer of cash between member of our family as it prevented them getting their dirty hands on it.]
L. The Northern Bank Ltd. Deposit Account at Ballyhackamore Branch referred to in 3 (b) H was closed by the transfer of 6,811.00 on 18th June 1973 to the patient's current account. See attached copy Bank Accounts.
M. Mrs. Betty Hamilton, a sister of the patient, admitted to me that over the years since the death of her father she has received numerous gifts of monies from her mother which would be in the region of approximately 20,000 - 25,000 and she realises that these monies in fact came out of the estate of the patient. [Having got away with the 'sale' of 3/5 Little King Street, 14 Castlehill Road and being in the process of selling Freddie's car showroom in Smithfield, all without the knowledge of our family, Gilpin, Tughan & Co, Drennan & Co now took another step in squeezing money out of another member of our family. First of all, Freddie did not have any 'monies' as part of his estate other than the 1,500 rent from the car showroom and it is questionable if in fact Gilpin and Tughan & Co allowed him to receive this rent money. If in fact Freddie did receive this money, my mother had a legitimate duty to use it for Freddie and I have no doubt that she would have used it wisely for his benefit. Any 'monies' that belonged to him from the sale of his property were well and truly banked in the names of Gilpin and solicitor Wright on behalf of Tughan & Co. My mother had her own money, my father saw to that and any money she loaned to my sister Betty Hamilton was all my mother's money. This did not stop the Office of the Official Solicitor putting pressure on Betty to agree to charge her own home with the amount demanded by Official Solicitor Drennan. Some years later Betty saw what was happening and challenged the Official Solicitor.]

She has now agreed with me, as the patient's Committee, to charge her own house and farmlands at 25, Lisleen Road, Co. Down, with the sum of 20,000 with interest at 9% in my favour as Committee of the patient. I attach a photocopy of letter which I have received from Mrs. Hamilton.

Dated the 15th day of December, 1979.

Signed: John G Drennan

[I find this an incredible statement. Mr. Drennan had just taken over my mentally handicapped brother Freddie's estate at the family's request because of the shocking events perpetrated against my late mother and Freddie since our father died in 1972.
Mr. Drennan took over his job as Committee for Freddie in January 1979 and during that year, instead of interrogating his fellow solicitors at Tughan & Co., Charles Gilpin and others as to the reasons why our family put Freddie into the care of the Court, here he is admitting to having interrogated my sister about her dealings within our family. This is an absolutely shocking admission by Drennan.
Ok, my sister may have received gifts from my mother, but my mother had been left a very wealthy woman by my father. This is the reason why, much later, Official Solicitor Brian Hall sought the permission of the High Court to investigate the extent of the assets my very elderly mother had. See chapter 36 of Hall's Report to the High Court dated January 30th 1984: quote,

"that I be authorised to enquire into the financial affairs of Mrs Minetta Andrews and take appropriate steps to recover from her any identifiable loss suffered by the Patient as a result of her management of his assets and income."

Right from the word go, Official Solicitor after Official Solicitor turned a blind eye to the reasons for my family seeking refuge in the Courts for my brother. Instead, Official Solicitor after Official Solicitor kept focusing their attention on the members of our family, questioning their integrity and on one occasion making me out to be dangerous. Not only did these Official Solicitors refuse to do their duty of protection in regard to Freddie by ignoring the plunder of his assets, they went beyond their jurisdiction and sought to determine the extent of my elderly mother's assets with the help of the Courts. They didn't stop there, oh no. Without the knowledge of the family, they even took it upon themselves to appoint a Committee for my mother, on the lying pretext that I had requested such an unnecessary arrangement, taking over her estate when it was not asked for or necessary, but in order to make her estate amenable to their plunder too. Knowing my mother was then 87 years of age and that she would not have long to live, these sick officials had to act before it was too late for them to take over her estate as well as Freddie's. This is just how really sick the legal profession in Northern Ireland has become.]