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Redpath's reply to Councillor McGimpsey dated 24/11/1995.

Dear Councillor McGimpsey


Thank you for your letter of 17 November 1995.

You are quite correct in stating that it was agreed that 200.00 should be sent to Stormont Presbyterian Church in Freddie's name. That was discussed in the context of a number of other issues and I was hoping to take all matters forward together. However Mrs Wright has to date not dealt with the other issues. In particular you will recall that I asked her to consider the question of gifts and a statutory will and to advise me of the identity and needs of Freddie's handicapped relative. In fact it would appear that Mrs Wright has instructed solicitors to once again raise queries in relation to matters going back to 1978 which have already been answered on numerous occasions.

I will however in the meantime ensure that the 200.00 as suggested is forwarded to Stormont Presbyterian Church in Freddie's name.

Yours sincerely


Official Solicitor