Please note that text in red denotes my comments

The Official Solicitor to the Supreme Court, Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast, wrote the following letter to the Comprehensive Development Branch, Department of the Environment, Clarendon House, Belfast on 28th August 1992

Dear Sir


Further to your letter of 3 August 1992 I enclose herewith my most recent letter to Alderman Peter D Robinson MP.

It is quite clear that little is to be gained by further correspondence in this matter with Mrs Wright as she is apparently more interested in criticizing myself and your Department than she is in providing any useful or helpful information. [What a frightened little man you are, Mr. Redpath. Remember, the truth will set you free!]

I would remind you that I alone am responsible for Mr Andrew's affairs. [Ah, now, that is where you are very wrong, Mr. Redpath. You are simply one person representing one office in the democratic system which has been put in place by people like me. You are paid to serve people like me. In fact if you had been doing your job properly, I would not have to remind you and your fellow Official Solicitors continually that you are just NOT doing your job. In fact you are cheating a most vulnerable human being in the shape of my mentally handicapped brother.]
There is little that you can add to this affair without further hard evidence [I would like to ask "What about the RUC fraud officer's evidence?" This is hard evidence, so hard that you, Mr. Redpath and all the other Official Solicitors refuse to touch it because of its implications for you and for your fellow legal eagles.] and any further dealings with the matter in the absence of such evidence appear to me to be a waste of time.[That is precisely what you are making this whole legal charade, Mr. Redpath - a waste of time, simply because you are so scared to face up to the reality of the truth and that truth is that your Office stinks to high heaven of fraud, corruption, intimidation and criminality.]

You may copy this letter to Alderman Robinson and Mrs Wright if you think fit.

Yours faithfully


Official Solicitor