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Official Solicitor's letter to solicitors Madden & Finucane dated 4/10/1995.

Dear Sirs


Thank you for your letter of 27 September 1995 and 29 September 1995.

In relation to your letter of 27 September 1995 I have already indicated to you that I will not be releasing any papers in the matter without leave of the Court but that I am quite happy for you to look at papers in my Office or to raise any specific queries that Mrs Wright might have about the history of Freddie's affairs. Any such queries will be answered to the best of my ability.

In relation to the last paragraph of your letter of 27 September 1995 I do not believe that Mrs Wright should be appointed as Controller in this matter given her history of involvement in Freddie's affairs. I am not of course referring here to her valuable role in looking after Freddie as I have no doubt that she has shouldered a most onerous burden in dong so and has looked after him very well. I am more concerned about her inability to accept that certain matters have been fully investigated and that there is nothing to be gained by further investigation and would worry that even more of Freddie's estate will be expended in nugatory work. You asked me in your letter of 29 September what costs are being drawn at the moment. The costs being drawn at present are for all the work done in Freddie's case since 1982. These costs will be taxed in due course. Much, if not most, of the work that has been done has been done at the request of Mrs Wright or at her instigation. Much of this work I would have to say has wasted Freddie's resources but Mrs Wright should understand that if she does raise queries that occasion work by the Official Solicitor a charge will be made for that work.

That is the complete content of the first page of this letter. I copy, below, the second and unreadable page of this letter.