Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A letter from Official Solicitor McRandal to me dated 10/9/91.

Dear Mrs Wright


Thank you for your letter of 8 September the contents of which I have noted.

As I have already stated payment of the account enclosed with your letter of 30 August causes difficulties. It would have been much more prudent if you had sought approval before going ahead with the work which was undertaken as this would have given the opportunity for the extent of the work necessary and the price to be paid, to say nothing of the method of carrying out the work, to be evaluated by experts. You make the point, in the last paragraph of your letter that replacement of windows and kitchens should always be left to specialists. I would, with respect, suggest that expert advice should be obtained before any work of this kind is undertaken. [They were going to put softwood window frames in and I had to stop them, Mr. McRandal. Wouldn't you?]

You mention in the first paragraph, on the second page, of your letter that "the windows after being painted when the work was done are now devoid of paint. The wood is bare." I presume you are referring here to the original windows or those which were installed at the time when the remedial work was done by Messrs Owens Brothers. However in your letter of 30 August you advise that the metal windows were so pitted the rain was able to seep through. To what windows do you refer?

Could I ask you please to answer the questions which I posed in my letter to you namely -

1. Can you confirm that prior to the work being done ie the work for which you now seek reimbursement, no approval was sought by you from this Office or the Office of Care and Protection?

2. Are the original windows ie those which were removed available for inspection and, if so, where?

Upon receipt of your reply I will consider the matter further.

Yours sincerely

Official Solicitor.