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From the Office of the Official Solicitor to me dated 12/11/2001.

Dear Mrs Wright

Re: Freddie

Further to our visit last Thursday, the Official Solicitor, Miss Brenda Donnelly has asked me to let you know that Master Hall has today approved your request for the purchase of a Citroen Picasso car from Freddie's funds in court.

As you know, investments will have to be encashed and Courts Funds Office is obtaining expert advice from the stockbrokers in this regard. Once the funds are available, payment will be made urgently to Hurst Citroen. I have spoken to Aidan McAlinney in the company and have told him that the cheque will be with him as soon as possible (probably 2-3 weeks).

I tried to contact you by telephone to convey the good news but was unable to get a reply.

With best wishes for the new car.

Yours sincerely,

J. Alwyn Lorimer
Official Solicitor's Office

[My prediction was right - Mr. Hall is still involved. I told Brenda Donnelly that Brian Hall's big, numerous Reports were merely a cover-up for all his legal friends etc. He should not be involved with any part of Freddie's estate]

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