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Letter from the Office of the Official Solicitor to me dated 18/5/2007.

Dear Mrs Wright

Freedom of Information Request

Your recent letter, received by this office on 30 March 2007 and your subsequent conversation with Brenda Donnelly, the Official Solicitor, refer.

Ms Donnelly advised that we would copy all information relevant to the house sales that are held on our files, and that this information would satisfy part of your overall query. I am now enclosing this documentation.

Questions 7 - 11 posed in your letter fall outside of the scope of the Freedom of Information regulations which require public authorities to provide information in its existing form, rather than provide an interpretation or explanation, or preparation of lists.

Nonetheless, as Brenda Donnelly has emphasised, we are keen to provide as much assistance as possible. It might be preferable therefore if, after considering the enclosed, you contact this office again with a view to arranging a meeting to see what way we can assist with these queries.

Yours sincerely

Eddie Kelly.

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