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I sent the following letter to Official Solicitor dated August 2nd 2007 but as of today October 9th 2007, two months and one week later my letter has neither been acknowledged nor answered. I am now resending this letter and making it Recorded Delivery.

4 Norwood Gardens,
Belfast. BT4 2DX.

Dear Official Solicitor,

Would you be good enough to arrange to have my intellectually handicapped brother Freddie Andrews provided with a full-time professional carer at home here at 4 Norwood Gardens. My late father made more than adequate provision for this caring for Freddie a long time ago and as the person legally responsible for that provision the time is now long overdue for that provision to be implemented.

I would suggest that such provision would also include regular outings by private transport and the provision of other ordinary benefits in keeping with the value of my handicapped brother’s very large legacy.

Yours faithfully,


(Mrs.) Eileen Wright.

I received the following letter from the Office of the Official Solicitor dated 22 October 2007.

That was nearly one month ago and three and a half months since I wrote in some desperation for help for Freddie.......

Freddie Andrews has been doubly incontinent now for some years and at 85 years of age I am really struggling to cope with all the extra washing on top of actually looking after him on my own. I do not want Freddie to have to go into an institute away from me. He is supposed to have outside help call here at 4 Norwood Gardens each morning to wash and dress him and then outside help to call here again to dress and put Freddie to bed.
Over a considerable length of time this paid 'help' has been most irregular. I would get a phone-call at short notice telling me the helper is unable to come either morning or night or a phone-call asking me if I could manage this time giving some excuse for not coming. Many other times I would not even get a phone-call or the help. This was most stressful but not surprising given the treatment my family have suffered from those involved in this shocking 'government' fraud. I felt forced to put a stop to it. I wonder if these 'helpers' are still getting their money and if it is Freddie's money they are getting!

The present Official Solicitor Donnelly should have the details of Freddie's financial situation at her fingertips. F. Brian Hall had no problem that way. Of course Donnelly is still answerable to Hall and his gang who will be totally reluctant to part with their ill-gotten gain. The queation has been asked is Donnelly really qualified to be an Official Solicitor and is she even a solicitor at all. Either way she is a puppet in the hands of a very sick group of hijackers who are only involved in Freddie's affairs for the money which belongs wholly to Freddie.