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Official Solicitor Hall's letter to me dated 23/10/1985.

Dear Mrs Wright,

Betty Hamilton v. Frederick Andrews - 1985 No 778
Representation of Mrs Minetta Andrews

I have arranged for the delivery to-day to 4 Norwood Gardens of a sealed envelope addressed to your mother, Mrs Minetta Andrews.
It contains a Third Party Notice issued in this action together with a copy of the Writ of Summons issued on behalf of your sister, Mrs Hamilton, against your brother Freddie for whom I act as committee.
It is essential that this step be taken to protect your brother's interests and I urge you to proceed without delay to arrange for separate professional representation to be provided for your mother.

I enclose for your reference copies of the covering letter which I have addressed to your mother and of a letter which I have sent to your solicitor, Mr Michael J Fearon.

Yours sincerely,


[This letter was sent to my elderly and ailing mother just 22 months before she died. Mr. Hall's sick vendetta against our family had to be seen to be dressed up as a defence of Freddie's interests, whereas it was nothing less than a defence of his shocking, cruel, illegal and corrupt treatment of my sister Betty and my mother. If Mr. Drennan and/or Mr. Hall had done the jobs they were highly paid to do from the start, this case would not have been necessary. It was because these people did NOT do their jobs that Mr. Hall now was forced to use the law to cover up his breaking the law in the most foul manner that can be imagined. In treating our family in this way Mr. Hall ensured that his fellow solicitors would wring more money out of our family. You will see another sample of Mr. Hall's behaviour in the last paragraph of this letter in which solicitors Boston & Sullivan received a request from solicitor Ciaran McAteer seeking permission from my sister Vera Douglas to allow McAteer to act as Committee for my sick and elderly mother. McAteer did become Committee for my mother which was completely against the rules since I was looking after my bed-ridden mother's every need and the rules state that a Committee should be a close relative of a patient. McAteer could not have become Committee without Official Solicitor Hall's permission. This was done to enable Hall to investigate my mother's finances and nothing else as time was running out on him. He had already proved how little he cared for the welfare of either my mother or Freddie.]

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