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A letter from Official Solicitor Bowers to me dated 27/8/1987.

Dear Mrs Wright


Your letter of 18 August 1987 to the Director of the Court Service has been passed to me as you will be aware.

I have carefully perused your lengthy letter and can find in it no new or additional material which requires comment from me.

However, having said that, I am always available and willing to discuss with you or any member of the family any matter involving the personal and domestic needs of your brother Freddy.

Yours sincerely

Deirdre S Bowers (Mrs)
Official Solicitor

[Mrs. Bowers knew, as did all her predecessors in the Office of the Official Solicitor, that my father, during his lifetime, made very specific and detailed arrangements for my mentally handicapped brother Freddie's personal and domestic needs. My father, in his will, also appointed two professional people to ensure that the lucrative estate he left behind after he died would be properly administered. Like all the other Official Solicitors, Mrs. Bowers chose to ignore completely, all my father's arrangements for his son Freddie and has continued to flout the mandates of her own Office as Official Solicitor in order to cover-up what is a fraud of massive and criminal proportions. It was the duty of the Office of the Official Solicitor have my brother's home reinstated to his ownership when the Office of the Official Solicitor became aware of how my mother and brother had been dispossessed of their home Tara House. It was then their duty to have the city centre property reinstated to my brother's ownership in order to finance the upkeep of Tara House. The Office of the Official Solicitor chose not to do this and those responsible must be made accountable for their shocking actions. Mrs. Bowers has shown a shocking disregard for the plight of a mentally handicapped man. It is bad enough to do such a thing to a man who is fit to defend himself, but to use the force of the law to condemn an innocent handicapped man is really sick. Come to think of it, the Official Solicitors would not have had the guts to even try to do this to a man in his full health even if for some reason they had had access to his property. Now there's a thought - Freddie was put in the care of the Official Solicitors for his protection and the protection of his estate under the law and look what happened!]

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