Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A letter from Official Solicitor Bowers to me dated 5/10/1987.

Dear Mrs Wright


Your further letter of 30 September 1987 to the Director of the Northern Ireland Court Service has been passed to me for reply.

The reason that you have not yet heard from me with regard to your letter of 5 September 1987 is that I have been pursuing enquiries with regard to your serious allegation at page two, paragraph four, against me personally. Those enquiries are not yet complete but you will hear further in due course.

You also enclosed press clippings in your letter to the Director. Since the matter is sub judice it would obviously be totally inappropriate for him to comment.

With regard to your continued allegations of misappropriation of Freddie's properties I will only repeat that the matter has been the subject of lengthy investigations and Court hearing and the Court has declared itself satisfied and that no further enquiries need be undertaken by the Official Solicitor save in the light of new evidence which has not been forthcoming.
[That sure is a tricky one Mrs. Bowers. All the 'new' and relevant evidence is already shared between your office and the RUC Chief Constable and you have put it in a big box and hidden it from the High Court Judges. You know that and we know that and the RUC know that. Didn't you read what went on when John Stalker tried to tell the truth about what he had found at RUC headquarters. He wasn't shot like DC Patterson, but the corrupt manner of his treatment speaks volumes for the character of the RUC at that time and you were colluding with those same people.]

The ongoing police and Department of Public Prosecutions investigations into matters arising before Freddie was declared incapable and notified to the Office of Care and Protection are not a matter for comment by the Director. [Actually, Mrs. Bowers, the Lord Chief Justice commanded the first Official Solicitor Drennan to investigate the disposal of Freddie's property from his father's death until Freddie was put in Care in January 1979. Surely that command was carried out and the results of a thorough investigation are in the possession of the Official Solicitor and therefore the Department of Care and Protection. If not, why not?]Please note that as a matter of terminology that Freddie is not a "Ward of Court" but a person medically declared incapable of managing his affairs and for whom the Official solicitor acts as Controller.

I have recently negotiated the sale of 62-65 Smithfield, 66-69 Smithfield and 1-11 Francis Street, Belfast on behalf of Freddie to Project Assessment and Development Limited for the sum of 150,000.00. [Well now, Mrs. Bowers, may I refer you to this letter from John Laing Builders dated 30/1 1990 and my reply dated 5/2/1990. Who is telling the truth and where has the 150,000 and the 300,000 gone? It's not in Freddie's account, is it, Mrs. Bowers?]It has come to my attention that you have written to Messrs Carson and McDowell, solicitors, regarding this matter.
I will make no comment upon the appropriateness of such action but merely remind you that on 26 February 1987 you were given written notice of my proposed application to the Court to approve this sale. You did not avail yourself of the opportunity to attend at the hearing although most of the family were present or represented by their various lawyers.

Yours sincerely

Official Solicitor

[I was ill after suffering shingles and I paid for a holiday for Freddie. This can be substantiated by the Social Worker. I informed Deirdre Bowers that I would be on holiday. What a short memory she has.]