Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A letter from the Official Solicitor to me dated 5/9/1991.

Dear Mrs Wright


Your letter of 30 August addressed to Mrs Bratton has been passed to me for attention.

I was saddened to learn of the death of your husband and would extend to you my condolences in your sad loss. With regard to the account which was enclosed with your letter for the replacement of windows I am afraid that payment of this poses difficulties. Substantial work was carried out to the house in 1989 by Owens Brothers Contractors under the direction of Messrs Ferris Craig and Moore, Quantity Surveyors, and the work carried out at that time included repairs and replacement of windows. If the metal window frames were in bad condition I would have expected that this would have been noted at the time the work to which I have referred was being carried out and appropriate action taken and I cannot find any trace, on my file, of your being in contact with my Office or the Office of Care and Protection regarding this matter.

I would therefore propose to copy your letter to Messrs Ferris Craig and Moore for their comments but before doing so could I please ask you to confirm that I am correct in saying that, prior to the work going ahead, you did not contact or seek approval from my Office or the Office of Care and Protection? Could I also ask whether or not the window frames which were taken out are still available for inspection?

Upon receipt of your reply I will, as I have said, refer the matter to the Quantity Surveyors involved for their comments and at that time I will ask them to arrange to inspect the windows at the back of the house to which you refer in the second paragraph of your letter. Could I earnestly suggest to you that you do not proceed to commission any further work until such time as this inspection has been completed. If you do. I am afraid, that I cannot give any guarantee that the work in question will be paid for out of Freddie's estate.

At this time, I cannot authorise reimbursement of the account which you have sent me, and must postpone this question until such time as I am in possession of the information which I have asked you to provide and have the Quantity Surveyor's comments thereon.

Yours sincerely


Official Solicitor.