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A letter from Official Solicitor Drennan to me at my home in Bangor dated 8/5/1979.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

Frederick Andrews

I acknowledge receipt of your letter which I received on 30th April, the contents of which I have noted.

As you are aware, Mr. Doherty and myself called and saw your mother on Friday, 27th April. Mr. Wright of Tughan & Co. was also present. Various items were discussed and I hope that the outcome of this will be know [should read "known"] in the next few days.

Yours fithfully,

J G Drennan.

[The big question has to be asked, "What was Mr. Wright doing in the company of the Mr. Drennan and Mr. Doherty in my mother's home given the subsequent conviction of Mr. Wright in Court?"]

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