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A letter from Official Solicitor Redpath to Madden & Finucane dated 26/9/1995.

Dear Sirs


Thank you for your letter of 25 September 1995.

The file in relation to Mr Andrews is extremely bulky and in fact much of it is presently with a costs drawer.

There has indeed been protracted correspondence over the years and Freddie's affairs have been subject to direction from the Court on many occasions. Indeed the Court has directed that there is to be no further investigation into Freddie's affairs without specific Order from the Court. Therefore if Mrs Wright wishes to have any specific aspect of Freddie's affairs re-opened application would have to be made to Lord Justice MacDermott for an Order permitting that to be done.

I have discussed the matter with Master Hall who is not prepared to allow the entire file to be released to Mrs Wright. He has however indicated to me that his is quite happy for me to meet you and show you any papers that you may wish to see.

I note I will be seeing you on Thursday morning and will provide you with details in relation to the proposed Statutory Will and inter vivos gifts at that meeting.

Yours faithfully


Official Solicitor

[What a remarkable letter! I don't recall during Mr. Hall's tenure as Official Solicitor having to be dictated to by a Master above him. Yet here is Official Solicitor Redpath seemingly with his hands tied by Master Hall who is obviously personally making the decisions regarding Freddie's affairs. Money, money, money.....
Now that Mr. Hall has the High Court twisted around his little finger he is home and dry - or so he thinks!
What would the point be in my trying to have had Mr. Justice MacDermott re-open this case, even if he did decide to re-open it. He is not in possession of the Fraud Squad investigation findings and Hall is not going to allow those findings to get within a mile of the Judge. That is guaranteed by the RUC and now the PSNI. What a powerful man Mr. Hall must think he is. Of course therein lies his weakness. He is vulnerable to one very powerful force - the TRUTH - and I am determined to see that he gets a dose of it.]