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Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A letter from Official Solicitor Hall dated 10/4/1986.

Dear Mrs Douglas,


Thank you for your letter of yesterday's date which I received this afternoon. The questions which you have now raised arise out of information supplied in my letter to you of 7 April. The further comments which I set out below are dealt with by reference to the paragraph numbering in that letter:

2. In this paragraph of my letter of 7 April I explained that Andrews and Company (Belfast) Limited has been in continuous occupation of the Smithfield premises since before your father's death. It is my understanding that during your father's lifetime an annual rent (which I believe he would have established himself) of 1,500 was paid by the Company to the Patient. This arrangement continued during the period from July 1972 (when your father died) until the end of September 1977 (when the entire shareholding in the Company was sold by your brother Mr William J Andrews, his wife and son. Although the ownership of the Company may then have changed hands the effective occupation of the premises remained that of the original Company - Andrews and Company (Belfast) Limited. The only point which I have sought to convey to you is that in my recent negotiations with Mr Napier I have acknowledged that at all material times the Company has been in actual occupation of the premises.

4. I respectfully suggest that you should refer again to the explanation given in paragraph 4 of my letter of 7 April in regard to the limited interest of the Patient in the property at 1-5 Francis Street. He is entitled (only) to the benefit of a sub-rent of 50 per annum payable out of the premises which were originally demised to Mr Conlon by the Sub-Lease dated 27 March 1939. He is not entitled to the value of the site itself and it is not necessary for me to make any further enquiries in regard to the use which may have been made of that site during recent years. [Then how, Mr. Hall, in the name of all that is good and holy, were you able to send the contents of this letter to solicitor Gwendoline Sullivan on November 11th 1985 less than five months before you wrote this letter to my sister Vera Douglas? How do you explain the sale of this property in Freddie's name by Official Solicitor Bowers with your help, as Master, on October 1st 1987? You just cannot keep up with your own spin!]

5. There is nothing which I can usefully add to the comments set out in paragraph 5 of my letter of 7 April in regard to the Patient's interests in property at Little King Street and at Winetavern Street. [I don't think I will even waste my red ink on that one.]

Yours sincerely,

Official Solicitor

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