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Letter From Official Solicitor to Solicitors John Johnston & Son, dated August 30th 1983.

For the attention of Mr. H L McCracken.

Dear Mr McCracken,


I refer to our conversation this afternoon following an initial reference made by you to this case on an informal basis some months ago. I confirm that I have now completed a preliminary review of papers found on the file in the Office of Care & Protection and that I will be presenting a report to the assigned Judge in the Family Division, The Honourable Mr. Justice MacDermott, for his consideration before a sitting to be fixed early in the Michaelmas Term at which the general administration of the Patient's affairs will be reviewed.

I have explained that it was my impression that Mrs Eileen Wright, the Patient's sister, was a client of Messrs James Boston & Sullivan of 40 Victoria Square, Belfast BT1 4QJ and I have already spoken to Miss Gwendoline Sullivan of that firm in regard to specific questions which have been raised by Mrs Wright in correspondence and other communications over the past few years. Before completing my report to the Judge I am anxious to be able to identify precisely the separate interests of individual members of the Andrews family and the arrangements for representation of those interests at any prospective hearing.
When you have referred the question to Mrs wright please communicate with me as soon as possible to declare the extent of your interest. At this stage I do not propose to communicate with Miss Sullivan although, as I have indicated above, she clearly believes that she is acting on instructions from Mrs Wright - and also from Mrs Minetta Andrews, Mr Billy Andrews and Mrs Vera Douglas.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,