Please note that text in red denotes my comments

Letter from Official Solicitor Redpath to me dated 5/5/94.

Dear Mrs Wright


I refer to your letter of 26 April 1994 to the Office of Care and Protection and your letter of 3 May 1994 to myself.

If I can deal firstly with the letter of 26 April 1994.

You will be well aware that I made it clear to you as long ago as 9 August 1993 that I would not pay for any fireplace until I had some idea of the overall cost of the work to be done to the house. It is not correct to say that I refused to pay for the fireplace as alleged in your letter of 26 April 1994. [Silly you, Mr. Redpath, for thinking I wanted YOU to pay for a fireplace for Freddie. I just want you to release a little of Freddie's money to pay for a decent fireplace for him.]

I am, of course, in a position now to know the overall cost of the work and have asked Court Funds to make payment direct to yourself for the fireplace.

I have also asked Court Funds to release the first payment of 17,000.00 to you and would advise you that you can proceed to instruct the builders to commence work. I would hope you would have the money within 3 weeks. [You wrote this letter on May 5th 1994, Mr. Redpath, and as of now, February 2005, over ten years later, I have never received this money. Exactly whom did you send Freddie's money to? Who were your chosen builders? Just how much did you pay your chosen builders? Did you really pay them all of 17,000 of Freddie's money or did they only get a portion of it? If so, who got the rest of it? Is this why you could not go about this matter in a business-like manner and choose from several recommended builders as I suggested in my letter to you of May 3rd 1994? You do have a talent for 'arranging' things, don't you, Mr. Redpath?

I am aware that the carpet in the lounge was not of the required standard and that the windows and doors required some work. [That, Mr. Redpath, is putting it very mildly] There is also no reason whatsoever why you should be paying for a holiday for Freddie or for weekends at Ruby House. As I have been at pains to point out I will provide for any of Freddie's requirements. [No, Mr. Redpath, Freddie will provide for his own requirements if only you will allow it.] I will certainly pay for another break in the Summer. [No, Mr. Redpath, you have it wrong again.] Please advise me of how much money you have expended on these various items and it will be refunded to you.
I do not require evidence of payment from you. No one has ever made the case that you are not a trustworthy person [Then why have I encountered so much opposition from your Office over so many years and still my requests for justice for my mentally-handicapped brother, which your Office should have dealt with long ago, are ignored?] to receive money and I have always been of the view that you provide an excellent standard of care for Freddie and have shouldered a very heavy burden in the help that you provide for him. [Yes, Mr. Redpath, this is probably why the Official booklet on the duties of a Committee state on the very first page that the Committee for a patient should be a member of the Patient's family, not an Official Solicitor with no interest in a Patient other than what can be got out of him.]

I enclose herewith a Certificate of Funds and copy valuation from Court Funds Office which is accurate as at 31 January 1994 and shows the value of Freddie's funds in Court.
It is now almost 18 months since Mr Martin called to see you and changes were made to the monthly arrangements regarding payments for Freddie's upkeep. Those would obviously require some further amendment and I would be most obliged if you could advise me of your present requirements. [You say that as if you mean it, Mr. Redpath. Do you not realise just how very tired I am advising you and your fellow Official Solicitors of my requirements over so many years only to be treated as if I do not exist?] I am happy to have a member of staff call with you to discuss them at your convenience if you would prefer to do that.[No, you are not, Mr. Redpath. You will only discuss 'safe' matters.]

You say in the third paragraph of your letter of 3 May 1994 "It is unfortunate that Freddie has to pay for remedial work. I did make complaints at the time but they were ignored".
As I have tried to convey to you, I have only been in my present position since April 1992. Since then I have consistently attempted to deal with this case without reference to what has happened in the past [Indeed! Reference to the past will be a very messy business, but reference to the past will be made. Make no mistake about that.] and to try and find a productive way forward. [For whom?] I remain committed to that policy and would rather deal with present problems than go through issues that have been gone through in detail by the Courts, the Police and others. [Oh, they may have been 'gone through' in detail, but those issues have not yet been legally dealt with.]

Yours sincerely


Official Solicitor.