Please note that text in red denotes my comments

Letter from the Official Solicitor, CWG Redpath to me dated June 17 1994.

Dear Mrs. Wright

I refer to your letter of 11 June 1994.

You pose a number of questions in that letter the answers to which you should already know.

As you are aware all funds and share certificates are held in Court Funds Office. Investment of the fund is at the direction of the Master who takes the advice of staff in Court Funds and Cunningham Coates.

All income is held in Court Funds who all keep records of all accounts.

The valuation of Freddie's fund is in the region of 310,000 and not 410,000 as stated in your letter. If the value of the house were added to his fund it would no doubt be close to 400,000. This figure has not suddenly been unearthed as you are well aware. You were provided with a Certificate of Funds 18 months ago which would have shown how the funds stood at that time. [This is not true]

Should Freddie die his estate would be dealt with under the law of intestacy. It is possible for the court to make a Will for Freddie on the application of an appropriate party. [Who is an appropriate party?]

It would not be more sensible for the stocks and shares to be cashed and put into a building society. Past experience shows that the rate of return when the investment is placed in a range of stocks and shares is much better than when placed in a building society. [What happens to them when Freddie dies?]

You say in the second page of your letter that you have never seen accounts or given information on the purchase of stocks and shares. That is totally untrue as you well know. [You very well know Mr. Redpath that this IS true.] You met with Master Hall when he was Official Solicitor, accounts were produced and you were accompanied by your own solicitor. At the end of that meeting you declared that you were happy with the information that you had been shown. [You know Mr. Redpath that I did NOT make such a declaration. I stated that I had never seen the accounts. That was in 1994, and now in 2005 I STILL HAVE NEVER SEEN FREDDIE'S ACCOUNTS!] This is all a matter of record.

I can confirm that 4 Norwood Gardens is registered in Freddie's name. I enclose herewith a copy of the relevant deed.

You advise me in the last paragraph of your letter that your request for accounts still stands.
My offer to meet you and any other member of your family to discuss the accounts still stands. You have made no effort whatsoever to take me up on the offer. [That is true, Mr. Redpath, the simple reason being that I insist on seeing them put on paper for my family to see, something which you and your fellow conspirators are terrified of doing - and you know why!]

Yours sincerely


Official Solicitor.