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A letter from P. Drinan to me dated 10/10/2001.

Dear Madam

Re: Freddie

Thank you for your letter of 8th October. I am really sorry that you have broken your wrist.
You will have to take care of yourself. You have spent so much of your life looking after Freddie that you do need to take care not only to look after yourself but to have a bit of a life for yourself as well.

It is disappointing that the holiday in Newcastle did not work out. I hope that Freddie is doing well in Strathern Court.

As far as the money was concerned - that was probably to avoid Capital Gains Tax.
They would say that at that time you got the 5000.00 but that the house was also transferred into your name at that time. I think that we talked to Brenda Donnelly about this at the one meeting that we had with her.

I agree that Freddie could live for another 20 years. He should be able to live in comfort during that time but you shouldn't worry about it. If money runs out then the State will have to pay for him. He has paid enough into the State over the years in all forms of costs and taxes both you and he should have some comfort from now on and that should be everyone's first priority.

Yours faithfully

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