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From P. Drinan to me dated 12/9/2001.

Dear Madam

Re: Freddie Andrews

I have received your letter with a cheque for 1000.00 and thank you very much.

I had mentioned to Angel that if something happened to Freddie and you then all the money held in the Court would go to the remaining sister and brother. It seems to me that the money should be being spent to allow you and Freddie to have a better life style and I thought that if the money was in Court and if the Court Service are taking administrative fees then I should ask if costs could be paid out of that to me. That was what I wrote to the Official Solicitor about and have not heard back from her yet.

I am very grateful for the money that you have paid.

If the money does come from the Official Solicitor then I will see what we will do about the money you have already paid.

Freddie is very lucky to have you looking after his interests.

Yours faithfully


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