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From solicitor P Drinan To Official Solicitor dated 1/10/2001.

Dear Sir

Re: Frederick Andrews a Patient

I have received a letter from Eileen Wright on 1st October. She has said that she has just had a week's holiday in Spain, that she had a great time and that she is thinking of emigrating! She says that Freddie Andrews has just gone away for a week to Newcastle. She says that they are delighted about this.

One of the questions that she asked me, and if it is possible to get an answer it would help, is why Freddie Andrews had to pay a Bridging loan for the purchase of 4 Norwood Gardens when the Solicitor who bought the house at 14 Castlehill Road got a year to pay? If there is anything that gives an explanation for that can you let me know so that I can reply to her?

Yours faithfully


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