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A letter from P. Drinan, solicitor, to Official Solicitor dated 7.6.2000.

Dear Sir,

I act on behalf of Eileen Wright, the sister of Frederick Andrews junior who has been a Patient for a great number of years.

I am instructed that Frederick Andrews in now 73 years old and therefore would not have a great life expectancy.

I understand the 200.00 per week is currently being paid to Eileen Wright for his upkeep.

I would be grateful if you could let me know the current value of his estate so that it could be seen what monies could be paid to Eileen Wright for his benefit now. There would appear to be little point in having monies left over after his death.

Eileen Wright has been unable to discover the extent of the estate.

I would be grateful if you could be in touch with me to let me know the position.

Yours faithfully