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Charles Gilpin and Herbert Wright put my mother and Freddie into these conditions at 4 Norwood Gardens in order to take Tara House off them.

The paper was falling off the ceiling here.

The doors had fallen off this sink unit in the kitchen and the wallpaper was starting to come off the walls.

The dampness is obvious around this trapdoor.

Repairs had been left unfinished.

The garage was in a state of decay.

This is the disgusting and broken bath in 4 Norwood Gardens that my mother and Freddie were expected to use. The walls of the bathroom were equally disgusting. These are the type of conditions which Official Solicitor Mr. Hall, in his Comprehensive Report dated 30 January 1984, page 14, paragraph 29, called, quote, " the Patient's best interests". End of quote.

This is the disgusting and broken bath in the bathroom of 4 Norwood Drive

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