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Letter from Deputy Official Solicitor Rankin to me dated 21/9/1981.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

Frederick Andrews

A copy of your letter of 1st September 1981 has been forwarded to me by Master Davis, Office of Care and Protection, as Mr. Drennan the Official Solicitor is at present absent from the office due to illness.

I have discussed your brother's case with Mr. Doherty who has been dealing with this matter along with Mr. Drennan, and both Mr. Doherty and myself feel that a personal meeting in this office between yourself, your brother William, Mr. Doherty and myself may be of some help.

Please be good enough to telephone either myself or Mr. Doherty so that an appointment can be made.

Yours faithfully,

P.J. Rankin
Deputy Official Solicitor.

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