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A letter from Official Solicitor Redpath to me dated 25/9/1997.

Dear Mrs Wright

Your letter to Dr Mowlam, which appears to have been received in her office on 29 August 1997, has been forwarded to myself.

It is unclear to me which aspects of this case you wish the Northern Ireland Select Committee to consider.

I have made it clear both to you and to the numerous firms of solicitors that you have instructed over the years that I am prepared to answer any query that you wish to put to me.
All the papers in this case are available for inspection by Madden & Finucane, solicitors, (the most recent firm that you have instructed), at any time they wish to view them.

I would point out to you that it is entirely untrue, as you state in your letter, that your brother was divested of his entire estate. Thanks to the efforts of various Official Solicitors to the Supreme Court over the years as much of his estate as could be recovered has been recovered.

Yours sincerely


Official Solicitor

What was recovered? What had to be recovered and why? What was resold? What were the selling prices? What about "Tara House"? What about Freddie's showroom which our family begged the Office of the Official Solicitor not to sell? What about Little King Street, Marquis Street and Winetavern Street? Freddie does not own ONE property now in 2005. Where is the money for all his properties? How much money is left from the sale of all those properties?