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A letter from Mr. Roy Beggs MP to British Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee dated 5/12/89.

Dear Mr. Sheldon,

I think that I have exhausted the options open to me in seeking to establish what has happened to the estate of Freddie Andrews a mentally handicapped man whose sister, Mrs. Wright, sought to protect him and his estate by placing him under the care of the Office of Care and Protection.
Neither the R.U.C. nor Official Solicitors have provided the level of protection or care to safeguard his property interests past and present. His family relatives have not been consulted in any meaningful way about the disposal of his estate nor have they been kept informed.

I would request an investigation by the Parliamentary Accounts Committee of the Freddie Andrews case history.
There are lessons to be learned for the Protection of those in Care from the investigation of this case.
I am confident that your Committee will obtain evidence to expose irregularities of fraud, blackmail and mismanagement which the House of Commons would not find acceptable.
Persistence in the search for justice exposed a crooked solicitor who pleaded guilty as charged but was not cross examined.
This self-confessed crook advised an Official Solicitor whose incompetence and gullability resulted in a Judge being wrongly advised in my opinion and a complete cover-up has been maintained of the mishandling of Freddie Andrews affairs.

John R Beggs.

Mr. Beggs MP also made a request to the Northern Ireland Secretary of State:

Whether he will request the Public Accounts Committee to investigate the operation of the Official Solicitor in Northern Ireland in relation to the Office of Care and Protection and the affairs of Freddie Andrews.

Whether Freddie Andrews enjoys the standard of living intended by his father and benefits appropriately from his properties disposed of by the Official Solicitor for 150,000 and 300,000 to John Laing Developments Ltd?
John R Beggs.