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A letter from the RUC to Roy Beggs MP dated 8/8/86.

Dear Sir

I refer to you letter of 6 August last to Superintendent J E H McIvor of this Headquarters.

All the matters raised by the late D/Constable Patterson were the subject of extensive investigations. The file relating to allegations of criminal conduct was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions who directed "No Prosecution".

All disciplinary matters were considered by the Royal Ulster Constabulary Complaints and Discipline Department and the Deputy Chief Constable directed that no disciplinary action was to be taken against any member of the Force.

[What absolute rubbish! Detective Constable Patterson did everything he could to get his superiors to deal with the evidence of criminal conduct even among his fellow officers and was victimised, intimidated and treated in the most criminal of ways. No wonder the RUC top brass don't want the truth to be told. Look what was happening to John Stalker around the same time for doing exactly what Detective Constable Patterson had done.]

I hope that this information is of some assistance to you.

Yours faithfully

Chief Superintendent
for Chief Constable