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From RUC to me dated 12/4/2001.

Dear Mrs Wright

I refer to your letter of 19 February 01 to the office of the Minister of State for Northern Ireland. The matter has been referred to the Chief Constable's Office to reply to the issues raised.

The police conducted a thorough investigation of these matters and submitted an investigation file to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The file, which contained all known evidence and material, was the basis for the prosecution of Mr Herbert Wright. [Ah, but this prosecution of Mr. Wright had everything to do with assisting the Ryland Vehicle Group in their case against Mr. Wright and Tughan & Co but had nothing at all to do with Mr. Wright's conduct in regard to the criminal theft of property and money from my brother Freddie.]

Whilst I truly appreciate that these matters have caused you pain and anguish I advise that it is not the intention of the police to conduct a further investigation unless new material or evidence, not previously considered by the DPP, becomes available. [Actually there is no need for a further police investigation or the finding of new material in the case of my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie's case. All Freddie's family have ever asked for has been that the evidence that the police already hold be used and made available to the High Court Judges in their dealing with Freddie's case, but not even the police or the Official Solicitors or any ordinary solicitor will make this evidence available in Freddie's case.] If you feel that the Official Solicitor's conduct of your brother affairs since 1979 has fallen short of a professional and acceptable standard you have the option of pursuing this matter through the Civil Courts.
[See this letter from the Office of the Official Solicitor. It really looks as if the Office of the Official Solicitor does not agree with the RUC.]

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