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A letter from the RUC Deputy Chief Constable to me dated 18/1/1990.

Dear Mrs. Wright

Thank you for your letter of 1 January 1990 concerning your brother's estate.

On the basis of the evidence provided by you and uncovered in the course of our earlier enquiries into these matters, we have now taken the criminal aspect of this investigation as far as it can be taken.

This does not, of course, prevent you from considering action through the civil courts in respect of the recovery of any property or other assets which you believe to rightfully belong to your brother or to have been dealt with improperly. In this respect I note that you have now written to the Lord Chancellor.

As the position in respect of title to property and assets is a civil one, we are unable to assist you in this regard.

Your sincerely

(Signature looks like) Michael McAdams

Deputy Chief Constable

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